Monday, March 23, 2009

From the Collection: Knock Knock It's Halloween

The 13 Words!:
Halloween and silly knock knock jokes go together like monsters and get togethers.

The Creature from the Back Cover!:
Knock, Knock.
Who's there?
Ice cream.
Ice cream who?
Ice cream, "Boo! It's Halloween!"
Have a ghoulish good time with over twenty knock-knock jokes, complete with a real working knocker!

The Facts that Attacked Mars!:
Knock, Knock It's Halloween is written by Betty Schwartz and Illustrated by Barry Gott. Barry Gott also illustrated another Halloween book titled It Must Be Halloween, which seems like a book I'd like to have in my collection.

The Monster Speaks!:
I think this is a cute book. I like the little plastic door knocker attached to the book. It's a nice little extra. The illustrations are pretty well done, highlighting Halloween book favorites such as vampires, mummies, and monster.

What Lurks Between These Covers?
The Marvels!:

There's not enough mad scientists in picture books.Drac looks a little distraught.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some Appropriate Reviews

Jenny Green's Killer Junior Year by Amy Belasen and Jacob Osborne
Jenny Green is bored of her Long Island life. A self appointed Jewish American Princess (JAP) reeling from the latest round of high school humiliation and misery, Jenny decides to leave it all behind and start over in a new school, in a new place, with new faces. And what better place to start over than a boarding school way up north in Montreal, the very same boarding school her middle school crush, Josh Beck, attends? But along with a fresh start, Jenny also finds that not all experiences with the opposite sex are the stuff of romance novels. After her first accidental taste of murder and fed up with the lying, cheating ways of the males in her life, Jenny decides to take her revenge on those that have hurt her.
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Shadowed Summer by Saundra Mitchell
In a small Louisiana town where nothing exciting has happened since the disappearance of Elijah years before they were even born, fourteen year old Ivy and her best friend Collette, bored with their lives in a boring town, dabble with magic and spirits. It’s all play until Ivy sees the real ghost of the missing boy, Elijah. Shadowed Summer by Saundra Mitchell is a story of a girl haunted by much more than a ghost as she struggles to solve a mystery, navigate a stormy friendship and a first crush, and deal with her own coming-of-age.
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Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman
Something strange is going on in Skeleton Creek and Ryan and his best friend Sarah are determined to find out what that something really is. There’s just one small problem: Ryan is trapped in his house with a broken leg after an accident at the local dredge, the apparent hot-spot of strange happenings in Skeleton Creek, and his and Sarah’s parents have forbidden them from contacting each other. But Ryan and Sarah decide that the risk of getting caught is outweighed by the importance of what they must do. Ryan and Sarah continue digging into the mysteries of Skeleton Creek, aware of the danger they may already be in.
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The Horror Returns!

I've decided to resurrect this old blog.
You've been warned.

What you'll soon find here:
  • Treasures (and trash) from my Halloween book collection
  • Scary books for kids and teens (and sometimes adults, too)
  • Weekly bibliomancy sessions
  • Horror themed book lists
In the meantime you can find my non-Halloween/scary book reviews at my book review blog Seriously? I Read That?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Jack, the depressed pumpkin

A video created by a Catholic priest. A pumpkin finds Jesus... yea.. seriously.

Halloween covered by the Creepshow

Good band, even better song

Why I Didn't Enter The Pumpkin Carving Contest

Not gone...

School started and is already kicking my ass.

I'm going to try to have a post up this weekend!

Can't believe it's almost October already.