Sunday, July 1, 2007

Some Sites About Halloween Books; Or, I Hate Books About Pumpkins

This site has a nice collection of Halloween book reviews. But, there are too many books about pumpkins! I HATE books about pumpkins. Now, I like pumpkins on their own, in pies, in breads, and even in ice cream, but not in books. I find books that center around a pumpkin patch, or worse yet, have talking pumpkins, or even worse, a precocious little boy or girl that grows pumpkins, absolutely, dreadfully boring.
Fortunately there is an abundance of Halloween books without pumpkin characters or pumpkin plots. The multitude of books with costume drama, terrified trick or treaters, and of course, monster-get-togethers that can be found makes up for the cursed pumpkin books.

The Monster Librarian, has a nice list of scary books for kids under 12. No pumpkins to be found there, thankfully


the Barrow-Wight said...

Wow - I never thought that sentient pumpkins could illicit so much distress ;-)

j.c. said...

hah! I did not realize I hated them as much as I did until I started writing that post