Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Halloween Kangaroo

This is a book written by Mary Lewis and illustrated by Richard Lewis. It was published originally in 1964, but the copy I have is a 1967 edition (3rd printing). It's a pretty cute story about a little boy named Jeffrey who wants to be a kangaroo on Halloween, but once he gets his wish, he realizes that it's not easy being a kangaroo on Halloween. He can't eat, he trips over his feet, he can't bob for apples. All this could have been prevented if his mother made a mouth hole in the costume. But, mouth hole = no plot.

Here are some interior scans:

Jeffrey asks to be a Kangaroo; parents play dumb.

School Halloween party.

Jeffrey feels sorry for himself; regrets being a kangaroo.

Even though Jeffrey's parents give him a hard time, and say they never heard of a Halloween kangaroo, itseems like a popular costume choice according to a YouTube search.

And these two seem to not have ANY problem moving around like Jeffrey did in his kangaroo costume.

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